Bob Marvin’s First Gen Yenko Camaros Up Close

first generation chevy yenko camaros

If you follow the muscle car scene, you are probably aware of Bob Marvin’s amazing collection of classic cars located in Warroad, MN and known as “The Shed”. He owns some prime examples of American automotive history and among them there are 3 very rare first generation Yenko Camaros.

All 3 Yenko Chevy muscle cars are extremelly well preserved and unique in a way. The Black 1967 Camaro being the only one built with a stinger hood, the 1968 stands out with a special paint and few more options and the 1969 Yenko Camaro was actually a COPO that came with 427 V8 and 4.10 posi from the factory.

Check out the KDawgFilmz video to see more of these first generation Yenko Camaros!

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