This Nitrous 632 Big Block Chevy Malibu is Wicked

nitrous chevy malibu x275 drag racing

If you love G-bodies, this 632 Big Block powered Chevy Malibu won’t disappoint you. What used to be John Davidson’s high school ride has been transformed into outrageous X275 beast. Fitted with Ntrous breathing BES Racing Engines built 632 cube V8 this Chevy Malibu is a rocket.

Seeing a Big Block G-body is always a treat, specially when it hooks up well on spray as it uses a Nitrous plate system which is way better than a fogger due to better “distribution” of the N2O with the intake air. Check out Jmalcom2004’s video from Lights Out 11 to see this Chevy Malibu drag racing.

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