Real Holman Moody 1967 Mustang with Amazing Story

real holman moody 1967 ford mustang


I'm not sure how many Holman Moody built classic Mustangs are still around, but there are not many, so seeing a genuine example restored to its original glory is a real treat for the Ford fans and those who loved the 70's Trans Am races in general.

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The road race car is owned by Chuck Maranto who went on a trip down to Peru back in 2008, saw this Holman Moody built 1967 Mustang and just knew he had to have it. Acquiring the beast was not easy and Chuck has a great story along with all the history of the iconic Mustang. Cameron Bishop, the guy who restored it has done a extensive research including talking to the original owner, so he has a lot to tell as well.

Check out Lou's video to learn all about this Holman Moody Mustang and go for a ride!


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