Wild 9-Second Chevy Nova Street Car w/t Blown 572

blown 572 chevy nova drag racing

Living in Austria since 2009, Robert Willinger’s 1966 Chevy Nova was one of the most impressive street cars at Hot Rod Drag Week 2019. The Austrian gearhead purchased the bowtie from LA while on a family vacation, brought it home, built it and has been racing it at most of the European drag strips ever since.

10 years later Robert has returned to the United States to compete at Drag Week and cruised all over the East coast in his Blown 1966 Chevy Nova. The car sports a Scott Shafiroff 572 V8 racing engine topped with 10/71 BDS blower controlled by Powerglide transmission and 9-inch rear end.

Check out the TalonTSi97’s video to see this Blown ’66 Chevy Nova drag racing!

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