The “Digger” Chevy C10 is a Gorgeous 8-Sec Truck

twin turbo small block chevy truck

The “Digger” Chevy C10 is not just fast and beautiful, but a life time project with great story. It’s one of those vehicles that has had unconditional love put into it and the owner is a great guy. He kept the name “Digger” that was given to the truck by another family and keeps no secrets about the set up.

long bed chevy c10 race truck

The “Digger” C10 is a long bed truck riding on Kris Craft full tube chassis and powered by a twin turbocharged 415 Chevy small block engine. The team was still trying to figure out the new set up during the Joe Hunt’s Memorial Race at I-29 Dragway, but this thing has a lot of potential.

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Check out the 1320 Video to see the “Digger” Chevy truck in action and share your thoughts!

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