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800hp Big Block Chevy C10 Truck “Poor Plumber”

big block 1963 chevy truck build

Gordon is a cool guy, he has built a really cool Big Block 1963 Chevy C10 and named it “Poor Plumber”. The pick up was in such bad shape when he got it that  Gordon was embarrassed to park it in his driveway. He surely enjoys the thumbs up on the street now, considering he pretty much built it all by himself.

Nice color, good stance, beautiful custom interior and bed, the 1963 Chevy C10 looks great all the way around. But Gordon didn’t go with LS engine, he threw in his truck a 565 cubic inch Dart Big M Block V8 topped with Holley Dominator carb making almost 800hp with no power adder.

Watch AutotopiaLA’s video to see and hear more of the “Poor Plumber” Chevy C10 truck.

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