Real Deal 1968 Dodge Dart LO23 with Rich History

real 1968 dodge dart lo23

Built by Dodge to dominate the drag strips, the 1968 Dart LO23 muscle cars were stripped to reduce weight as much as possible and came without warranty, prohibited for driving on the street. Confirmed to be 1 of the 80 Super Stock HEMI powered Dodge Darts, this vehicle is also believed to be #15 (first batch).

1968 dodge dart super stock

As most of the LO23 cars, this 1968 Dart was sold to a Dodge dealership. Acquired by Jim Miller of Miller Dodge in St. Louis, Missouri the beast was first campaigned as Miller’s King Dodge. Next owner was Harry Prososki who possessed the HEMI Dart for 20 years and raced it as the “Spider” car.

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real 1968 dodge hemi dart super stock

In 1995 the LO23 Dodge Dart was purchased by the Checkers restaurants’ owner and this is when it received its current paint job. With fully rebuilt 426 HEMI engine the Super Stock Mopar was recently sold for $119,000. Check out the ClassicCars’ video to see this beast all the way around.

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