Turbocharged 5.3 Chevy Luv Truck at Byron Dragway

street legal turbo chevy truck drag racing

We featured Carter Pelletier and his 1974 Chevy Luv truck couple of years ago when the young gun was doing his license passes and did a great show at Byron Dragway. Powered by a turbocharged 5.3 engine running on E85, the Chevy Luv truck was launching with awesome wheelstands and everyone loved it.

Now the 22-year old drag racing enthusiast was filmed by my man James Hrovat while testing his street legal turbo 1974 Chevy for an upcoming event. It’s a grudge truck, so you won’t see ET or speed, but I’m confident the Chevy Luv is a single digit pick up.

Check out the video from Byron Dragway and let me know what you think!

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