Blown 540 Big Block 1971 Dodge Charger Pro Street

blown 540 big block 1971 dodge charger


This Pro Street 1971 Dodge Charger is Phil's very first car that he purchased way back in the day and kept it for over 40 years. Originally a 383 powered car, the Mopar had a 440 Tunnel Ram set up, then a blown 440 and currently sports a Hilborn injected 540 Big Block V8 mill with Indy heads topped with 10-71 Blower.

big block 1971 dodge charger pro street


The 1971 Dodge Charger build is still in progress, interior is not complete, engine was dynoed at 900 horsepower on just 3 pounds of boost. Phil shares that the new 540 set up is also not tuned yet and once he gets that done, he will be aiming for mid 8-seconds on the 1/4 mile.

Check out the US Classic Muscle Cars video to see more of this Pro Street '71 Charger.


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