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Stunning 1,000hp 1968 Chevy Camaro Street Car

boost orange 1968 chevy camaro

Brian Murphy purchased this 1968 Chevy Camaro about 10 years ago as a big rust bucket, then spent 3 years to get it back on the road, but didn’t stop there. The Camaro is now called “Orange Boost” powered by BorgWarner twin 66mm turbocharged LS engine paired with trans brake TH400 transmission.

The car weighs a little over 3,100lbs with Brian in it and he estimates it at about 1,000 horsepower running on 21 psi. As he mostly grudge races the “Orange Boost” 1968 Camaro, Brian wouldn’t share his ET’s, but I don’t doubt that he is running a consistent single digit quarter mile.

Watch the ProTreeVideos interview and see the 1968 Camaro in action at the end.

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