Ruthless Coyote Swapped 1966 Mustang Driver Car

1966 ford mustang coyote driver car


Started life as a T-code straight-6 powered 1966 Ford Mustang, about 6 years ago the pony was transformed into a test mule for Wilwood brakes. While the team wanted to built something over the top, Bill Wood said he wanted the car to look and feel like a Mustang.

coyote swapped 1966 ford mustang build


The 1966 Ford Mustang sits on TCI chassis, adjustable Ridetech suspension, it's fully caged, has Corbeau seats and packs a slightly tuned bone stock Coyote engine paired with T56 Magnum. Despite all the mods, the car still retains its classic look, but it's ruthless on the road.

Check out AutotopiaLA's video to see this awesome 1966 Ford Mustang build in action.


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