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Cute Little 1,400hp Chevy Nova Street Car

blown chevy nova street car

Owner of this “Cute Little” Chevy Nova since the 1980’s, Mark Scheib enjoys his blown 1,400 horsepower muscle car on both the streets and the race track. Play the first video to listen to the blower surge while Mark is doing some adjustments, and once you get tired of it, scroll down to the second video to see the Chevy Nova in action.

The Blown Chevy Nova didn’t hook very well on the first pass, so Mark gets out of it, but then runs an almost flat 5-seconds 1/8 pass at 141mph. Of course, Mark and his son Payton never stop working on the beast, and it surely has more potential. Check out the drag racing video, and in case you doubt that the 1,400hp Chevy Nova is a street car, take another look at the picture below the video.

Mark picking up the family Christmas tree
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