Classic Ford Mustangs Drag Racing in the 1980's

classic shelby mustangs pure stock drags


We often feature recent drag racing videos from the Pure Stock Drags event held at Mid Michigan Motorplex, but what I found today is from the 1980's and is just 6 minutes of nothing but 1/4 mile action. Stout classic Mustangs and Shelbys are competing against other great muscle cars from that era. No matter which one of the Big 3 you like, this video will surely entertain you. So get comfortable, hit the play button and when you're done watching let me know which was your favorite muscle car.


Did You See the Home Made 9-Second Ford Mustang Drag Car Story?

ford mustang 427 krazy hoss
Click on the Photo to Seee the Stoy of this Ford Mustang drag car