The 1970 Ford Mustang 428 CJ You Have Never Seen

black on black 1970 ford mustang 428 cobra jet


Black on Black Deluxe Sportsroof Fastback (not a Mach 1) loaded with all the options you could get on a Ford Mustang in 1970 including the 428 Cobra Jet V8 engine, this was a $4,900 car, which was pretty much what you would pay for a Shelby.

428 cobra jet 1970 mustang sportsroof sleeper


At the same time there is nothing on the exterior that would tell you this is a high performance car, not even a 428 badge. It is one of the most beautiful and well preserved classic Mustangs I've ever come across and is even believed to be Lee Iacocca's daily driver.

Check out REVan Evan's video to learn all about this special 1970 Ford Mustang 428 CJ.


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numbers matching 1969 mustang mach 1 428 cobra jet
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