The Heart Breaker 1967 Ford Mustang in Action

steve willingham twin turbo 1967 ford mustang drag racing

We have featured Steve Willingham’s “Heart Breaker” 1967 Mustang a while ago, but he keeps winning events, so why not show it again, right? This time we have a great footage of the car taking the victory at the No Clock Street at the Door Wars Event at MDIR.

heart breaker 1967 ford mustang drag racing

When Steve Willingham bought the 1967 Ford Mustang almost 20 years ago it was a Big Block Nitrous car, but he now runs a Twin Turbo Big Block Ford set up. It’s an all steel street legal car with a weight of 3,350 pounds and surely runs as great as it looks.

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nhra certified 1967 ford mustang
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