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1969 Ford Mustang Restomod Packs a 427 Side Oiler

Considering this 1969 Ford Mustang was born as S-code 390 4-speed Mach 1, many would wonder why the hell they didn’t keep it original. I have no idea, but I do like what they’ve done with it.

Laser straight Fastback with no body mods painted in beautiful Black Jade color and sitting on Magnum 500’s, the 1969 Ford Mustang looks fabulous, and the factory style interior feels like a time capsule.

When you hear the magnificent V8 sound, you know this stallion has a big muscle under the hood. The powerplant is a 427 side oiler topped with Holley 750 and connected to 5-speed, and 3.91 geared Ford 9-inch.

Overall very welll executed 1969 Ford Mustang restomod, which Mike Runnalls of WeBeAutos filmed while they had it for sale. Check out the video and let me know what do you think about this build.

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