800hp Tire Shredding 582 Big Block Chevy Nova

800hp chevy nova pro street car


Today we are going on a trip to the UK to see one awesome Big Block powered Chevy Nova. Influenced by his Father and muscle car magazines the guy got hooked on hot rods and as a true gearhead he had to have one. But he didn't get a small block classic to drive around on weekends, he got a real beast.

582 big block chevy nova


The Chevy Nova packs a bold 10 to 1 compresson Scott Shafiroff 582 V8 mill topped with 1150 Dominator carb capable of 800 horsepower. It's an all steel (besides the hood and the boot lid) street car with vinyl top, caged racing style interior and outrageous sound.

The host doesn't know much about muscle cars, so if you want to get straight to the Big Block Chevy Nova road test, hit the play button and skip to the 10-minute mark. You will enjoy that part, I promise.


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