The 1972 Chevy "SCARY SS" Chevelle Build Up Close

1972 chevy chevelle scary ss build


Alex is all about Black and a big fan of the Los Angeles Raiders, so you already know why his 1972 Chevy Chevelle looks like that. If you ask me, the "SCARY SS" license plate completely matches his muscle car appearance.

custom 1972 chevy chevelle ls3


But this 1972 Chevelle is not built just for show. Fitted with mildy modified LS3 engine, the Chevy pushes over 500 horsepower to the tires. Six speed manual transmission and 3.90 geared rear are a perfect combo for the street.

Play the AutotopiaLA video to see this killer 1972 Chevy Chevelle build in action.


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1972 chevy chevelle burnout
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