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’69 Ford Cobra Meets ’69 Hurst Olds at the Race Track

Today we have a very exciting drag racing video brought to you by Cars and Zebras. The action takes place at the Mid Michigan Motorplex during the Pure Stock Drags event, where old school muscle car enthusiasts race each other just for the fun of it. You can read more at: Hemmings.com 

We have the 1969 Ford Cobra fitted with 428 Cobra Jet mated to C6 automatic and 3.89 geared rear end. The opponent is a 1969 Hurst Olds powered by 455 paired with TH400 trans and rear end with 3.42 gears

Play the Cars and Zebras video to see these vintage muscle cars drag racing on the 1/4 mile. And remember, there are 3 rounds to watch, don’t go after you watch the first race.

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