Essential Tools & Accessories For Wet Weather Driving

Wet weather driving can be extremely dangerous for various reasons, including but not limited to the fact that visibility is lower, there’s less natural light availability due to cloud cover, and there is usually significantly less traction on the road too.


how to be safe driving in wet weather

In order to ensure your safety (and the safety of your passengers and others on the road), there are some simple tools and accessories you should ensure are always in your vehicle. We’ll be taking a closer look at these wet weather essentials below.


A Dashcam

Modern dash cameras tend to be quite innovative, and have a lot of valuable features built into them which make them a vital tool for navigating poor weather conditions. Most models include motion sensors that will alert you of hazards ahead before you can see them. Others have thermal technology that will effectively give you night vision.

A thermal camera translates heat signatures onto a screen into noticeable colours with the aid of a high-tech thermal sensor. Sensors like these can detect far-reaching temperatures such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and even other vehicles.


You should consider investing in a thermal dash camera to make driving safer, especially at night and during wet weather. A smart thermal dash cam has all the benefits of a normal dashcam, alongside also holding the potential to transform your relationship with safety when on the road. 

And if the worst-case scenario happens and you are involved in an accident when on a wet weather drive, your dashcam will provide the evidence required for a speedy insurance investigation so you can be back on the road once more in next to no time at all.

A Waterproof Flashlight

It's definitely a wise idea to keep a flashlight in your car no matter what the weather, but especially when it's raining. You may have a flashlight app or flashlight functionalities on your phone, but this option is never as useful as a real flashlight. On top of this, your phone’s flashlight may not be powerful enough to contend against heavy rain or fog, and a dead or dying phone battery can effectively leave you without any other light source if your car isn’t equipped with a good flashlight or two. Whatever you need to do, whether it's changing a tyre or jumping your car, you want something that's bright and durable, especially if you're experiencing a breakdown in the rain.

Anti-Fog Film

A safety hazard in wet weather is when the side view mirrors on your vehicle become covered in condensation, inhibiting you from being able to clearly see any traffic behind you. Anti-fog rearview mirror film eliminates this problem simply and effectively. These anti-fog mirror films tend to have two protective layers, a PET film and a non-adhesive layer that eliminates fogging and condensation so that you can see clearly.

This anti-fog film just takes a few minutes to apply to your rearview and side mirrors directly and includes a range of other features, including dulling bright lights from vehicles behind you and providing strong reflection qualities so you can see clearly in all conditions.

Rubber Floor Mats

It is common for floor mats to get dirty and damaged during rainy weather. Rubber mats are always a better choice than carpeted floor mats, which can gather water and mud and give your car that awful musty smell as well.

You want rubber mats that have a good grip on the top and bottom so that they don’t slide around the vehicle. You also want to ensure that your feet aren't going to slide on them, which is naturally going to make driving more difficult and dangerous.

Non-Slip Pedal Covers

When you step into your vehicle during rainy weather, chances are your shoes are going to be wet. This means they can slide all over the pedals, which makes driving dangerous. Waterproof, non-slip pedal covers with good grip will prevent this from happening. These are a good option all year round to ensure you are always in full control of your vehicle.

Wiper Blades

If your wiper blades are showing any signs of wear, they should be replaced immediately. It is wise to keep a spare set in your vehicle as well so that you can change them over if you can't see in wet conditions. A more expensive wiper may employ technology to clear the windshield, such as hydrophobic coatings as they sweep, or it may be made of a more durable material like silicone. This type of solution is worth the additional cost.

When it comes to preparing for some wet weather driving, it’s well worth taking the time to ensure that your car is equipped with all of the tools and accessories we’ve outlined above. In doing so, you’ll be drastically reducing your risks of experiencing a collision on the road in poor weather conditions.