Snarling 1968 Dodge Dart Fitted With 605 Legend HEMI

1968 dodge hemi dart sound


While it is not one of the factory race cars built by Mother Mopar back in 1968, this Dodge Dart is one awesome LO23 tribute. Laser straight A-body with super stock style hood scoop sitting on black steelies wrapped in Mickey Thompson's, you can tell this thing is all business even before you hear the engine.

1968 dodge dart indy 605 legend hemi


Speaking of the engine, this 1968 Dodge Dart sports the INDY Legend 605 HEMI street version. It comes with Callies 4340 Steel Crank, Eagle 3D H-Beam Rods, Diamond Dome Pistons, and this one is topped with Dual Holley's pushing around 700hp. Power is controlled by A833 four-speed and 4.10 geared rear, and the Flowmaster exhaust makes the HEMI sound awesome.

Check out the MotorCar Group video to hear the snarling 1968 Dodge 605 HEMI Dart.


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super stock lo23 dodge hemi dart
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