10-Second Ford Maverick Grabber 302 Super Stocker

1971 ford maverick grabber super stocker


Duane Hoven purchased the Ford Maverick for $100 back in 1979 when he was just 14-years old. It's a factory 1971 Grabber car born with 6-cylinder engine soon replaced by a Boss 302 for some bracket racing.

ford maverick grabber 302 super stocker


Influenced by Bobby Fazio and his Father, Duane decided to transform the 1971 Ford Maverick into a Super Stocker. It now packs a well massaged 302 four barrel engine used on 1968 FoMoCo cars mated to automatic trans with 7,000 stall converter and 9-inch rear. The Super Stock Ford Maverick launches with the front wheels in the air and its current best 1/4 mile time is 10.60.

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ford maverick 302
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