Ford Mustang Roush RTC Limited Edition

Gorgeous Mustang by Roush Performance.

In this Hot Cars video we will go trough some details on this amazing custom muscle car which was part of the Town & Country Ford inventory a while ago. We have no idea where is it at the moment, but though the Stang fans would enjoy seeing it.


ford mustang rtc limited edition roush performanceThis 2009 Mustang GT have been converted into a RTC edition. It is not only very slick looking, but also a rare vehicle, since there were only 200 of them made back in 2009 and only 14 in this color combination.

You will notice the Roush modifications all over the the two tone painted body riding on awesome 20-inch chrome wheels. The interior have been fully customized as well and even signed by Jack Roush himself.


Of course you would expect this RTC (Roush Touring Coupe) model will have some decent horse power under the hood too. The 4.6 liter V8 engine is equipped with a Roushcharger, backed by a 5-speed manual trans and puts out 430hp and 400 pounds of torque.

Check out the video for all details on this limited edition Mustang. Watch, Enjoy & Share!