original 1969 plymouth road runner 383

Gorgeous 1969 Road Runner Survivor!

This original 1969 Road Runner is a true survivor from the golden era of Plymouth cars. Massively beefed-up and strikingly good-looking, this Plymouth Road Runner is to attention, what flame is to moths. It is the ultimate attention magnet that draws eyeballs, wins “wow!”s, and fetches compliments. All the time. This Plymouth Road Runner knows no other way. And the question is: will you be able to handle it? Because it is an original 1969 Road Runner, this muscle car is used to being the center of attention.

1969 plymouth road runner survivor

And we’re not just saying that. This 1969 Road Runner Survivor was named Car of the Year for 1969 by the Motor Trend Magazine. It outsold all other muscle cars produced by Chrysler in the three decades from the 1950s through to the 1970s. Plymouth cars were already branded as the cheaper, better alternative to Ford or Chevrolet cars, and quite successfully so. But the added speed and power on the Road Runner range made this Plymouth Road Runner 383 V8 a raging favorite among the youth of the day.

documented 1969 plymouth road runner 383

Well-known mechanics, young servicemen, U.S. Army personnel and other “manly men” were the typical owners of the Plymouth Road Runner cars. This 1969 Road Runner survivor was owned by a former U.S. Air Force engineer. It sits atop a set of 15×8” magnum 500 rims with BFGoodrich Tires. The neat, no-nonsense, black body and straight panels sit well together. The air grabber hood, those vintage bench seats, and that glorious, beastly howl are what make this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner survivor truly unique.

real 1969 plymouth roadrunner in black

Given that Chrysler shut down production of Plymouth range close to a decade and a half ago, a true Mopar enthusiast will definitely love to put his hands on an original 1969 Road Runner.

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