twin turbocharged 1932 ford roadster

1500hp 1932 Roadster With No Seat Belts!

There are plenty of Twin Turbocharged muscle cars or Nitrous breathing dragsters pushing 1000+ horses nowadays, but a Twin Turbo Roadster built on Pre-World War 2 chassis pushing 1500 horsepower without seat belts…that’s sick. Mark Cerquone is the designer and builder of this unique Roadster a.k.a Psyco 32. Mark recalls his client saying: “I want when someone sees me going down the road to think: That Guy’s Got Some Ballz!”

psyco 32 roadster twin turbo nelson racing engine

When you look at this thing even standing still, you see two turbos hanging out off the side, cool roadster body, huge custom wheels and a plate that reads “Psyco 32” you already know this bastard is bad to the bone. Mike Musto (host of Drive) jumps behind the wheel of this killer ride powered by a Twin Turbocharged Ford 428 Windsor based Nelson Racing built engine and he is terrified by its capabilities.

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