1973 chevy nova pro street


This 1973 Nova SS is Built to Go Fast!

The original Chevrolet Nova was marked by having the SS badging on its front grille, in place of the Chevy bowtie emblem. This was what made it stand out, and it has been retained in this sinister Pro Street 1973 Nova Super Sport as well.

modified 1973 chevrolet nova ss


But a lot of what was in this 1973 Chevy Nova back then has been replaced with way better and cooler stuff. Take the engine, for instance. The Chevrolet Nova was available in a range of engine options, with the lowest at 195hp and the highest at 350hp. This made the muscle car popular with drag racers and this particular baby has been rebuilt extensively to stay true to that tradition.

custom built 1973 chevy nova super sport


The modified Chevy Nova SS here packs a custom built V8 from More Power Inc. in Sparta, Michigan linked to an automatic transmission with Pete Jackson gear drives (one of the pioneers in the field, Pete Jackson customizes gear systems for racers and hot-rodders and has been doing so for thirty years) and a Hurst shifter, plus a 3000 rpm stall convertor. If you don't know what means, well, in plain speak, a high rpm stall convertor ensures that power comes straight out of the engine block at the start line instead of gradually building up as seen in other vehicles.

pro street built 1973 chevy nova 350

But that is not all, this 1973 Nova Pro Street features a whole range of other performance-enhancing fitments including Autometer gauges, a Mustang II suspension at the front, Oliver Racing rods, racing wheels, Mickey Thompson performance tires and a Flowmaster exhaust. The chassis has been redone by Precision Guesswork to handle all the torque of this heavily modified Super Sport Chevrolet Nova, and it is 100% street-legal.

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