Military Tribute 1971 Mustang Custom "Machster"

convertible 1971 mustang machster


Convertible 1971 Mustang by Impatient Creations!

This truly exceptional 1971 Ford Mustang a.k.a Machster was ordered by a gentleman who wanted to pay tribute to his military Heritage. The guys at Impatient Creations are known for their over the top custom jobs and this Convertible Mustang makes no exception.

convertible 1971 mustang impatient creations


Although it looks pretty much stock on the outside (besides the huge Billet Aluminium wheels) there is a lot going on with this custom built 1971 Mustang that can not be seen at a first glance.

roush supercharged 1971 mustang 4.6 mod motor


The interior and running gear are all from a 2006-07 Shelby Mustang Hurst edition, the power comes from a 4.6 liter Mod motor with a Roush Supercharger pushing over 500 horses and Mike Pare's art work done under the hood is phenomenal.

Check out Scottie's video for more on this Military Tribute Machster 1971 Mustang. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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