Unique 1973 Plymouth Road Runner in Mist Green

unique 1973 plymouth road runner 340

The Only 1973 Road Runner with Halo Canopy Vinyl Top!

Here is another interesting story of a very special Mopar muscle car. A Mist Green 1973 Plymouth Road Runner bought brand new back in the day by a gentleman named Basil “Bob” Sadowski, who sold the vehicle when he went to the military and bought it back when he got home.

Besides the awesome features like the Mist Green paint, beautiful interior and healthy 340 engine, there is something very special about this 1973 Plymouth Road Runner and that is the Halo Canopy Vinyl Top. After Bob sends the car for having it redone, he finds out that this is the only Road Runner ordered with such option in year 1973.

See the video to get all details on this unique ’73 Road Runner 340. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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