Nasty 900hp Twin Turbo Dodge Viper | Drag Racing

twin turbocharged dodge viper drag racing

Gen 5 Viper V10 Dressed Like General Lee!

This Twin Turbocharged Dodge Viper beast is a result of the collaboration between Calvo Motorsports and Powerhouse Racing. With great skills, awesome set up and a lot of passion these guys have managed to squeeze 900 horses out of the V10 motor.

twin turbocharged dodge viper general lee

Sporting a Motec M150 ECU and a pair of 3794 turbochargers this Gen 5 Dodge Viper exceeds the stock version with 255hp running on 11 pounds of boost and showed off its capabilities during the Street car Takeover drag racing event in Dallas, Texas.

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See this General Lee tribute Dodge Viper filmed by 1320video in action. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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