1967 Dodge HEMI Charger Factory Show Car Review

ww1 white 1967 dodge hemi charger

1967 Charger Built to Stop the Show!

This factory HEMI powered show car was built back in the day to promote all the cool features of the newly introduced Dodge Charger back in 1967. From the WW1 White color to the Chrysler’s best performing 426 HEMI engine everything about this Mopar muscle car is top notch.

1967 dodge charger factory built show car

Although the HEMI powered Dodge buyers were looking more for speed rather then luxury, this factory built 1967 Charger show car is loaded with all kind of options, so people around the world could see what’s available. Kevin Oeste gives all details on this stunning 1967 Dodge HEMI Charger. Check out the video!

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