Fire Red 1969 Ford Mustang GT with Cool Options

indian fire red 1969 mustang 428 cobra jet

The Story of a Rare Convertible 1969 Mustang!

Those of you who remember the 60’s or have a good knowledge of classic Mustangs know that back in day you could order a 1969 Ford Mustang pretty much anyway you wanted to and many muscle car enthusiasts were taking advantage of it. Whoever ordered this convertible 1969 Ford Mustang GT made a really cool selection of options and today this pony is one of the best classic Mustangs from the Brothers Collections.

1969 mustang gt convertible brothers collection

The beautiful Indian Fire Red paint combined with convertible top and Ford’s high performance 428 Cobra Jet V8 engine already makes this 1969 Mustang GT a very rare example, but the fact that there were only 29 convertible GT Mustangs built with this engine mounted to a C6 transmission in 1969 and this could be the only one Fire Red survivor…now that’s ultra rare.

See the video for the full story told by Kevin Oeste. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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