Craig Jackson's '69 AMC Javelin Trans Am Race Car

original race prepped 1969 amc javelin muscle car


All Original Fully Race Prepped 1969 Javelin!

Just the fact that this 1969 AMC Javelin Trans Am race car is part of the Craig Jackson (Barrett-Jackson Auctions Company co-owner) personal collection of classic cars is exciting enough to make the old school gearheads want to see all about it.

Driven by great names during the years, competed at some of the most historical American races and maintained extremely well to be in its original condition this fully race prepped 1969 AMC Javelin muscle car is a real gem.


original 1969 amc javelin trans am race car

My friend Lou Costabile has met Jeff Catlin who takes care of all Barrett Jackson's cars during the Cars & Coffee event at Scottsdale, Arizona and he shares the incredible story of this 1969 American Motors Javelin Trans Am car.


Check out the video to see all details. Watch, Enjoy & Share!

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