The Evil 3000hp Helleanor 1967 Mustang Is Back

twin turbo 1967 mustang helleanor


The Helleanor Mustang at Street Car Takeover!

I am sure you have seen this hard core twin turbo 1967 Mustang build before and I also believe that you will agree with me the Helleanor is one of the nastiest fire breathing machines competing in the drag racing world. What you may not now is that this pony was found in a barn back in 1994 and is owned by the same person ever since.

3000hp helleanor 1967 mustang street car takeover


The 1967 Mustang Helleanor showed up at the Street Car Takeover drag racing event in Oklahoma with pretty much the same set up: 402 Small Block V8 motor boosted by a pair of Precision turbochargers capable of 3,000 horsepower, but with some major changes in terms of weight and performance upgrades.

Check out the 1320video to see the Helleanor 1967 Ford Mustang in action!


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