800hp True 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 528 HEMI V8

true 1967 dodge coronet r/t 528 hemi v8

This 1967 HEMI Coronet Is As Mean As It Gets!

The clean Black body with White interior and 5-spoke wheels that perfectly fit the mean old school look of this Dodge Coronet are just the tip of the iceberg. Under the hood this Mopar hides a Ray Barton HEMI Racing & Street Engines built 528 cubic inch V8 mill producing 809 horsepower controlled by a 727 TorqueFlite auto trans.

black 1967 dodge hemi coronet rt 727 torqueflite

A true R/T 1967 Coronet in Black powered by a monstrous Elephant this is the ultimate muscle car. Check out Samspace81’s video to see this bad to the bone Mopar flexing muscle and don’t forget to smack the Like!

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