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Check Out This Awesome 1957 Chevy Custom Truck

1957 chevy custom truck

Old School Chevy Pick Up Truck With Modern Flavor!

This Custom 1957 Chevy truck is not actually a recent build, but my man Scottie shot it while it was at the Hudson Rod & Customs shop for a few changes. To be honest I wouldn’t change a thing as it has a beautiful paint job, perfect stance achieved with coilovers all the way around and slick 5-spoke rims contributing to the hot rod look.

I am very happy with the classic Cadillac style two tone interior matching the body as well as the well detailed 454 Big Block under the hood of this 1957 Chevrolet pick up truck, but the owner wants to redo it inside and stuck a LS motor in it. Thanks God he is not going to messed up the gorgeous body work and paint.

Check out the video to see more of this sweet Chevy pick up truck

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