5.7 HEMI Powered 1966 Dodge Coronet Daily Driver

hemi powered 1966 dodge coronet


1966 Dodge HEMI Coronet Built For Street Cruising!

Let me start by telling you that this 1966 Dodge Coronet is simply not your average old school Mopar build and you are about to find out why. Started life as a 318 automatic car, later to sports a 360 Magnum and now powered by modern 5.7 liter HEMI V8 engine that came from a Ram truck married to a 70's four speed manual you already start to realize why I stated this is not your average Mopar build.

The owner Alex saw this 1966 Dodge Coronet for a first time back in 1999, but bought in 2013 with the intention to built a enjoyable daily driver. He has redone the interior, did some mods to the powertrain and then his 2003 RAM was totaled so he put its 5.7 HEMI motor in the 1966 Dodge Coronet. To find out what else Alex has done to this sweet B-body Mopar and how the car handles the road see the video and don't forget to SHARE!


1966 Dodge HEMI Coronet 500 Sleeper