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How About a Turbo LS Chevy Chevelle Daily Driver?

turbo ls3 chevy chevelle daily driver

Wicked Chevy Chevelle Build at Holley LS Fest!

Chris Hyatt fells in love with drag racing at a very early age, his passion grew enormously during the years and then…then the LS engine came up. He started accumulating parts with a project in mind until he founded this Chevy Chevelle SS on Ebay and transformed it into a beautiful beast in no time.

Now Chris’s Chevy Chevelle remains all steel (besides the hood), it has a racing interior and packs a turbocharged 5.3 liter LS V8 motor backed by a Powerglide transmission with 3:50 gears. Really nice build that runs low 10-seconds with ease with over 130mph and at the same time Chris goes to work with it.

See The Holley Performance video for the full story and don’t be shy – SHARE!

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