Killer ’69 Mustang With Boss 520 John Kaase Motor

custom 1969 mustang john kaase boss motor

As most of you probably know already Rich from Mustang Connection has been hunting for the finest ponies at SEMA 2017 and this Vintage Fabrication built 1969 Mustang is just beyond everything they’ve done so far. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like the Supercharged Coyote Powered Yellow Fastback isn’t a top notch build, but this one totally rocks and in my opinion is better.

vintage fabrication built mustang sema 2017

First of all team Vintage Fabrication nailed it with the body work of this 1969 Mustang concept car. You’ll see how well the 2012 Mustang front fascial fits, the Ring Brothers side mirrors are a fine custom touch as well, great choice of wheels, awesome custom interior and the heart of it…oh boy! This 1969 Mustang packs a Boss 9 John Kaase motor stroked out to 520 cubic inches.

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