Evil 850hp Pro Street Chevelle Review & Road Test

pro street chevy chevelle review

Before we get into more details about this Pro Street Chevy Chevelle I will tell you this isn’t your average budget garage build, this thing is a real masterpiece. Owned by the same man for the last 30 years this muscle car is the love of his life. He has spent a fortune on it, took great care of the vehicle and never abused it.

red 1970 chevy chevelle big block build

This doesn’t mean he hasn’t terrorize his neighbors or has never hit the race track, what’s the point to have a high performance Pro Street Chevy Chevelle and not have fun with it, right? The beast has been on the dyno and shows 843 horsepower and 734 pounds of torque resulting in a 9-second quarter mile time on test runs.

1970 chevy chevelle pro street review

The super aggressive Red A-body with killer stance, the clean Tan interior with complete NHRA Sportsman cage and the monstrous 557 cube big block Chevy powerplant are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the modifications this 1970 Chevelle Pro Street has. To learn all details on the build and see this evil muscle car perform on the street watch the video brought to you by FSD Hotrod Ranch and smack the Like!

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