A Stunning 1974 Dodge Challenger Owner Interview

restoring 1974 dodge challenger

As you know 1974 wasn’t the best year for the first generation Dodge Challenger, in fact the production was ceased at the end of April, but today we can still find some nice examples at various muscle car events. Owner of this Mopar for the past 9 years Rolland has done a great job restoring and enhancing his 1974 Dodge Challenger in terms of performance.

Originally powered by a 360 cubic inch engine backed by automatic transmission, Rolland’s Burnt Orange 1974 Dodge Challenger now sports a healthy 440 V8 that he estimates at 550 horsepower sent through 4-speed manual tranny. The owner shares he has won a number of trophies with this muscle car, so if you want to hear the full story and the amazing voice of this beast watch the video and hit the Like so others can see it too.

burnt orange 1974 dodge challenger

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