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Gorgeous Custom Built 1969 Ford Torino Spotted (Video)

custom built 1969 ford torino

Named after the Italian city Turin and intended to be an upscale version of the Fairlane, the first generation Ford Torino 2-door hard top is one of the most beautiful muscle cars, although not as iconic as Mustangs. For the 1969 model Ford offered the Torino with all kind of engines.

From the small 250 cube L6 all the way to the mighty 428/429 Cobra Jet V8 motors. What we have under the hood of this custom built 1969 Ford Torino remains a secret, but judging by the attention to detail and the exhaust sound, my bet is 351 Windsor or 390 FE. Check out the video to see this beautiful muscle car up close and hit the Like!

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