Awesome 1966 Chevy Nova SS Build with "Day Two" Mods

1966 chevy nova ss 327 4-speed


If you were born and drove muscle cars back in the 60's you're going to love this 1966 Chevy Nova SS build as the little bowtie has all the cool "Day Two" mods. If you're younger and don't know what that means, back in the day muscle cars didn't stay stock for too long. Enthusiasts were installing new headers, exhaust systems, custom tachs, Cragar wheels, traction bars etc. on pretty much every muscle car as soon as it leaves the showroom or when the factoty warranty expires.

chevy nova ss day two mods


Today, it gets popular to build a classic musclecar like back in the 60's and hotrodders call these "Day Two" cars. That's exactly what the owner has done to this 1966 Chevy Nova SS powered by 327 V8 linked to 4-speed transmission as when he got it, the vehicle was a shell. Check out DeezysSpeedShop's video to see this beautiful bowtie all the way around and don't be shy - hit the Like!


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