Fabulous 1967 Plymouth GTX 572 HEMI Garage Build

1967 plymoth gtx 572 hemi engine

I’m not sure how much money went into this custom 1967 Plymouth GTX 572 HEMI, but the owner Floyd Furr claims he built the Mopar in his backyard garage and if that’s the case, all I can say is “Wow”. I mean, just look at the tremendous body work and paint, and then check out the beautiful job done to the interior by the mighty Steve Holcomb, the muscle car is fabulous all the way around.

custom built 1967 plymouth gtx

This 1967 Plymouth GTX also comes with plenty of options, fully upgraded suspension and many other mods, but its heart is my favorite part. You’re looking at 572 HEMI V8 Mopar iron block engine dressed with custom diamond pistons, Indy heads, roller rockers and intake producing over 730 horsepower and 680 pounds of torque. This masterpiece is then connected to a 5-speed and Dana rear end with 4.10 gears.

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Check out DreamGoatInc’s video to see this custom 1967 Plymouth GTX up close!

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