4-Door Chevelle Sleeper Hurt Feelings at Drag Week

4-door chevelle at drag week

We featured this awesome 4-door Chevy Chevelle sleeper a.k.a. “Honk if Parts Fall Off” a while ago and now we have a nice video footage from Drag Week where the wild street car literally hurt some feelings. Powered by a single turbo small block Chevy, this 1967 Chevelle Malibu actually had to be turned down a bit in order to compete in the 8.50 index class. While you see 500hp bolt on cars cruising around on beadlock’s, “Honk if Parts Fall Off” has 15-inch steel wheels with Walmart tires running 8-seconds, how cool is that?

Check out BigKleib34’s video from Drag Week to see this 4-door Chevelle in action!

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