Coyote 1967 Mustang with Great Custom Fabrication

coyote swapped mustang fastback


If you like well executed custom built classic Mustangs, then you will certainly enjoy Art's Coyote swapped 1967 Mustang Fastback. Originally from Russia, the guy has moved to the States almost 10 years ago, he builds muscle cars for living and what you are looking at is his personal project.

custom built 1967 mustang fastback


Art's goal for the 1967 Mustang was to build a really nice daily driver, so he kept the Ford Coyote engine stock, but has done tons of custom fabrication and in my opinion he has done a tremendous job. Check out AutotopiaLA's video to see more of this badass hotrod and share your thoughts in the comments.


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1969 ford mustang custom
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