Brutal 427 FE Powered 1967 Ford Mustang Drag Car

427 fe powered 1967 mustang coupe

Today we have a real treat for the old school Ford Mustang enthusiasts. A brutal ’67 Coupe drag car built by FE Specialties that looks and sounds awesome and runs the 1/4 mile in 9 seconds.

1967 ford mustang 427 fe drag car

Tom Lucas has owned the 1967 Ford Mustang for more than 20 years and has transformed it into a monster. The stroked 427 engine is dressed with ported Edelbrock heads and Cross Ram Intake with Dual Quads.

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Play the GODZILLA TORINO RACING video to hear some history and see the Mustang in action.

Did You See the Story of Rick McElheran’s 1967 Ford Mustang 427 FE?

nhra certified 1967 ford mustang
Click on the Photo to See the Story of this 861 horsepower 1967 Ford Mustang 427 FE

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