V10 Powered Dodge Challenger Drag Car Up Close

factory built 2011 dodge challenger race car


After watching this 2011 Dodge Challenger factory built drag car video I actually realized that regardless of how much American muscle cars have changed during the years, Mopars are still keeping the spirit alive. While Chevy and Ford still build drag cars, they look more like sports cars to me.

v10 powered dodge challenger drag car


This is one of the 70 Dodge Challenger race cars produced in 2011, powered by the 512 cubic inch V10 Viper engine paired with 2-speed transmission and of course it's not street legal. However, this didn't stop Shawn an Gil from Fusion Motors to take the beast for a quick drive on the street.

Check out the AutotopiaLA video to see and hear more of this factory built Mopar drag car.


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