Angry 1962 Plymouth Savoy with 413 Super Stock V8

1962 plymouth savoy 413 super stock


Not long ago we showed you a menacing 413 Ramcharger powered 1962 Dodge Dart at the Mopars by Mosher, and today we have another angry sounding B-body. This time we are looking at Jay Kempton's 1962 Plymouth Savoy 413 Super Stock that has gone through complete restoration and will certainly bring joy to the old school Mopar enthusiasts who appreciate the first so-called muscle cars.

The balanced and blueprinted engine is dressed with 11 to 1 compression Ross pistons, 413 Max Wedge crank, Crower roller cam and lifters, ported Max Wedge heads and Comp cams roller rocker arms. Check out the Moopars by Mosher video to hear the intimidating V8 sound of this 1962 Plymouth Savoy 413.


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