8-Second Stick Shift Ford Fairlane Rules the Strip

You might have seen Bill’s awesome Ford Fairlane as we featured it a while ago when he was still figuring out the new set up after running a naturally aspirated Cleveland motor for many years.

8 second stick shift ford fairlane drag racing

While the Ford Fairlane still has its sleeper look, it hides a 427 Windsor based small block under the hood boosted with a pair of turbos. A full exhaust car pushing 1,300hp controlled by a stick shift.

twin turbo 427 ford fairlane drag racing

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Bill’s best ET is 8.70 at 165mph, and he ran 8.78 at this event on 20 pounds of boost, which tells you this thing has more potential. He is a great guy and deserves all the greatness he is achieving.

Check out the 1320 Video to see the Twin Turbo Ford Fairlane drag racing.

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1966 ford fairlane 427 prototype
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