All Original 1964 Chrysler Silver 300 Edition

all original 1964 chrysler silver 300 edition


Those of you who are into the classic 300 series automobiles will surely appreciate this all original special edition car. Chrysler introduced the Silver 300 edition in the spring of 1964 to boost sales before the redesigned for 1965 models hit the market. In fact, the Silver 300 package was one of the biggest promotions in Chrysler's history.

unrestored 1964 chrysler silver 300 edition


Proud owner of this all original example is Chuck Adams who purchased the 1964 Chrysler Silver 300 about 7 years ago. Although the car has never been restored it looks showroom new and the 383 V8 runs and sounds great. Silver, chrome and stainless, this is Chrysler styling at its very best, and you don't get to see these everyday.

Watch my friend Lou's video for the full story of this 1964 Chrysler Silver 300.


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